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North Korea too fell in love with SNSD’s charms.
On August 16th, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported, “As South Korean songs and dances are popular in North Korea, instructors teaching the dance choreographies of South Korea’s popular girl group, SNSD have emerged”.

Through an interview during the broadcast, a Chinese trader who went to North Korea from time to time said, “Once, I received a request from a well-to-do woman to bring in a CD of Korean group, SNSD. Between the children in their teens and young people in their 20s living in Jung Area, Pyeongyang or Daedonggang Area, there is a saying, ‘If you can’t dance at disco, you’re not allowed into the children’s festival.’”

He added, “SNSD and other Korean groups are no strangers in North Korea. Private dance lessons with fees of $20 a month, as well as, dance and singing lessons by well-known instructors, which are being carried out at home and training rooms, have also emerged”.

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SNSD attended an event for the Unification Church and Japanese people are wondering why.

On the 12th, Japanese J-cast News explained, “SNSD attended ‘Chungsim Music Festival’ which was held in the same place as the Unification Church’s ritual ceremony. The Unification Church has been criticized in Japan.”

Japanese people are wondering why SNSD attended the festival. The video, which was taken at the festival, is on You Tube, with the comment, “Is SNSD an official of the Unification Church?”

A member of the House of Councilors blogged, “Korean people don’t think the Unification Church is bad because they think it is one of the foundations. SNSD attendance at the festival was business only.”

J-cast News said, “SNSD is not the only artist who attended the annual festival. Many popular artists attended the fesitival, including, Brown Eyed Girls and 2AM, neither of which have anything to do with the Unification Church.

Source: Newsen from Nate
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Park Min Young recently opened up about her close friendship with SNSD’s Jessica.

On July 24th, the actress attended SNSD’s second solo concert, held at the Olympic Gymnasium in Seoul. Despite the fact that she was busy filming for SBS’s ‘City Hunter‘ at the time, Park Min Young went to the concert to show her support for Jessica.

She revealed, “I’m very close to Jessica. Although I couldn’t stay until the end, I came to the concert to cheer her on. We were actually close even before she debuted. When I first met her, I was a college student and she was a middle-schooler. She was a ‘dongsaeng’ of a close friend of mine, and told me that she wanted us to get close.”

The actress continued, “I’m a shy person, so it took time for us to get close, but now I think of her as a real friend. She even visits me randomly at my house. We can’t see each other often because we’re both so busy, but every time I see her, she’s very cute. These days, Jessica has matured and keeps saying adult-like things. Her cuteness is going away slightly.”

Park Min Young was recently cast in KBS2TV’s ‘Man of Honor‘ and is busily preparing for filming.

Source: Enews24 via Nate
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YoonA was given the title of “Shikshin” (Food God) in contrary to her small face and slim body. Nonetheless, people around her and even herself acknowledged it.

Recently, pictures of Yoona eating with huge appetite were published on an online community. These pictures, showing Yoona opening her mouth its maximum width and feeding herself spoonful of rice were taken from TV programmes and dramas.

Actress Kim MinHee once revealed on a variety show, “I met Yoona and Sooyoung at a restaurant. I found them really pretty when they first came up to me and greeted me. So I treated them to a meal. All 4 of them ate pork belly and when the bill came, it cost 210,000 won (about US$195)”.

Yoona is then deservingly selected as the greatest ‘Shikshin’ among SNSD members. In response to this, Yoona confessed, “When I was at home and saw cereal during meal time, I told myself that I must eat another meal before eating that”.

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We are used to seeing Soshi on commercials, newspapers, magazines, beverages, etc but textbooks? This has got to be a first!

And yes, amazingly, SNSD made their way into a Japanese textbook!

Recently, on Daum Telzone and other entertainment forums, pictures of SNSD on a Japanese textbook were revealed. In the textbook, SNSD was introduced in Japanese, as well as English, in a chapter entitled ‘Kpop Stars Take On The World’.

The text within this particular chapter stated, “Fans are attracted to their perfect performances” and “Some of the songs are popular not only in Korea but also in Japan as well” as part of its contents. On top of the text is the picture of Korea’s leading artistes, SNSD.

Netizens who saw the captures gave a hot reaction as they commented, “Indeed SNSD”, “In Japan too the So Nyeos seem to be the most popular”, “Total domination”, etc.



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