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I still like what Jessica said.''If we get a Chance, We Would like to sing in English'' 
I'm looking forward for it 

To all Japanese fans, this is Hyoyeon. Did you watch the Bad Girl PV?
Since there was a scene in which we rode a bike and we appeared with a new wild image, I would love it if a lot of people watches it!
And because the summer this year is really hot everyone please take care of your health.
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We're Girls' Generation

First of all, we would like to congratulate on SM TRUE establishment, 
the joint venture between SM Entertainment and TRUE Corp.

We're very happy to be a part of this special event.

This is good for Korean artists to have a chance to perform 
not only in Thailand, but also in all asian countries.

We, Girls' Generation, will support SM TRUE.

SM TRUE fighting!

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There are two kinds of design of the T-shirt with 3 different sizes


◈ 발매일(発売日/Release-Date): 2011년 9월 21일 (September 21, 2011)
◈ 정가(定価/Price): 2,700엔 (¥, tax in)
◈ 사양(仕様/Spec) : 128P, 210mm×148mm (A5)

少女時代 FIRST JAPAN TOUR MEMORIAL T-shirt 『Anchor』&『G』

◈ 발매일(発売日/Release-Date): 2011년 10월 1일 (October 1, 2011)
◈ 정가(定価/Price): 각(each) 4,000엔 (¥, tax in)
◈ 사이즈(サイズ/Size) : S(60cm, 40cm), M(64cm, 43cm), L(67cm, 46cm)

★ 이미지 저작권(Image Copyright) :: S.M. Entertainment Japan Inc.
★ 정리+글쓴이(Poster) :: Yurui (LovAEnAi) []

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SNSD was praised for staying calm and professional when a sound system failure occurred during Japan’s biggest rock festival ‘SUMMER SONIC 2011’.

At 9pm on August 14th, SNSD performed at the outdoor event ‘SUMMER SONIC 2011’ held at the ‘Mountain Stage’ of the Makuhari Messe Convention Center with a capacity of 20,000 people. Although a technical problem occurred and the music stopped during the performance, SNSD managed to put up a great performance until the end and they received good responses from the Japanese fans.

On that day, SNSD performed their Japanese debut songs, starting with ‘Genie’, followed by ‘Mr. Taxi’, ‘Run Devil Run’, ‘Let it Rain’ and ‘Bad Girl’. During the last song ‘The Great Escape’, something went wrong with the sound system.

The audiences described the situation, “Buzzing sounds were heard, but SNSD still stayed calm, and said ‘One more time!’ to the audiences to urge them to sing along.” SNSD then proceeded to finish their stage successfully as they led the audiences together through the song.

‘SUMMER SONIC 2011’, the biggest rock festival event in Japan, is an annual event for 12 years since August 2000, where top Japanese artistes and famous overseas artistes are invited to perform in Tokyo and Osaka.

On the day of SNSD’s performance, a large amount of audiences, ranging from female junior high school students to families with young children were seen, which was an indication of SNSD’s popularity in Japan.

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SBS Power FM's Old School Radio has both a special DJ and a special guest today. Mighty Mouth filled in for DJ Kim Changryul's place while he takes his break, and actor Chun Jungmyung appeared as the guest. The actor's appearance has garnered a lot of attention as it is his first radio session since his debut in 1999.

One of the questions directed to Chun Jungmyung today was, "Although you've worked with many actresses, are there times when you get jealous of Mighty Mouth, who are close with a lot of girl groups?" Chun Jungmyung answered this question with a "Yes."

Chun Jungmyung then declared confidently, "I like Girls' Generation." But when asked about his favourite member, he responded, "I don't think I should say it."

Upon his answer, Mighty Mouth joked, "I think he's coming onto us after hearing that we're close to Girls' Generation on a previous interview." Chun Jungmyung replied, "I think I'm benefiting from it so far, so it's all good."

When asked about how Chun Jungmyung would feel to take on a job as a radio DJ, he replied, "I don't think I'd be able to do well on my own. However, if it's with a girl group, I'd do it—no questions asked."

Source: Star News
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