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In preparation for the coming MBC’s Chooseok Special programme, ‘Star Auction Show’, top stars such as Choi SooJong, Park MyungSoo, Seo InYoung, YoonA, etc will be putting their personal collections for auction, along with items from more than 200 people which will be sold through the live auction.

Choi SooJong who is good in many sports will be selling off his golf and football related items while Park MyungSoo will be putting up a rare item from ‘Inifinity Challenge’ for auction.

Seo InYoung will be selling her ‘Best Fashion Item Bought From A Vintage Shop In Europe’ while for YoonA, she will be putting the ‘SNSD-Only Treasure’ for bidding.

In addition to these, Cha SeungWon, the male star from MBC’s most beloved Wednesday-Thursday drama in 2011, ‘Greatest Love’, is ready to give up his top quality suit he wore in the drama to the lucky bidder.

For the star’s item which fetches the highest price, 50 million Won will be added on top of the successful bidding price and the donation will be made in the star’s name.

Meanwhile, on the set of the ‘Star Auction Show’, more than 200 people will be directly involved in the auction and there will also be shows prepared by each of the stars. Any adult, regardless of age and nationality can participate in the event and they can sign up via iMBC website as well as through phone application by August 24th.


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110817 SNSD Into The New World Live Concert DVD - Fantaken
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On August 17, Samsung Securities Co. gave a positive review on SM Entertainment for pulling through the second quarter with triumphant results via Girls' Generation's success in the Japanese market, which exceeded expectations. 

The Girls' Generation craze is expected to be the key point for results in the second half of the year. With investors' purchases maintained, they have set the targeted stock price at 33,000 won (approximately $33 USD). 

Gong Taehyun, a researcher at Samsung Securities Co., stated, "Along with Girls' Generation's official Japanese album selling beyond what was expected, and their general success in the Japanese market, the spreading of K-pop soon after only shows positive signals. Increases in sales for overseas management companies means that the positions of singers in the said company strengthens." 

It is expected that results in the second half of the year will be better than that of the second quarter. This is because in the third quarter, the January SM TOWN concert and TVXQ's single album will be released (Editor's note: Although we translated this article directly, we could not find any information anywhere else about a SM TOWN concert DVD release. We'll keep looking into this and keep you up to date.). Then, from the fourth quarter of 2011 to the first quarter of 2012, Girls' Generation's full-length album and concert tour will take place, as well as the SM TOWN concert in Tokyo in September. 

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SNSD will be rocking the Taipei Arena in Taiwan once again this September!
A total of 20,000 tickets for the two concerts, scheduled on September 10th and 11th, were sold out in under two and a half hours when they became available for sale last Saturday and many believed that it would have been a lot quicker if it wasn’t for the glitches in the ticketing system.

Those who did not manage to get a ticket registered themselves on the waiting list immediately and within one day, the waiting list had exceeded 6,000 people. Thus, fans shook their heads at their bad luck and commented, “Some things cannot be bought with money.”

To catch a glimpse of the girls in their second concert in Taiwan, after the first Asia Tour last year, many fans waited for hours before the tickets went on sale outside the thousands of convenience stores around Taiwan, where the ticketing kiosks were located.

A lucky male fan, who managed to secure his concert ticket, said happily, “So what if I don’t have a girlfriend? It is enough to get a Zone C standing ticket in SNSD’s concert!”

But not everyone was lucky enough to get a ticket to the concerts. Some braved the rain and skipped class or work just to line up at the convenience stores but mostly failed to get tickets due to the faulty ticketing system.

An annoyed fan, who failed to get tickets twice in a row for two years, made a Hitler parody video with fictional Chinese subtitles to express her unhappiness with the ticketing system. The video has since accumulated over 200,000 views since last year with most viewers agreeing with her opinions on the matter.

Another unhappy fan made yet another Hitler parody, where the famous historical figure angrily said, “I became a member (of the concert organizer Superdome) 800 years ago and yet I couldn’t get a ticket but those black market ticket sellers managed to do so!” and “The waiting list has exceeded 6,000 people. Isn’t this too much?”

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