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The months of October and November are jam-packed with superstar idols releasing new albums. Among those talented idol groups are SNSD, Wonder Girls, T-ara, and IU as they will be head to head competition. Along with those popular female idols G-Dragonas well as Super Star K2’s developing stars are preparing their own albums set within the same time frame as everyone else.

Recently Wonder Girls and SNSD had been focusing their attention overseas, now they are poised to release new Korean albums to the delight of anticipating fans, who are looking forward to their brand-new songs and performances. IU in the past year has released a series of hit records with “Good Day”. She is now working on a new album, along with Korean musicians such as Yung Sang and Lee Jeok, which is slated for release in October.

T-ara will also be facing off with Wonder Girls and SNSD in music programs this fall with their new song entitled, “Black Eyes”. As for Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon has yet to settle on a release date for his next solo album. From his previous solo release, “Heartbreaker” odds are the new album will likely become a mega hit upon its release.

This year’s end-of-the-year music awards shows will be especially hot with all these popular artist’s new releases. It will be a fight to the finish for sure. Usually the activities that take place in the second half attract more attention than those that happen during the first half of the year. One factor might be that the later releases are fresher in the public’s mind as opposed to the earlier released works.

Who do you think will end up on top in the award shows?

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Hello. This is Girls’ Generation’s maknae, Seohyun. With Chuseok coming up, we [Girls' Generation] will be holding a concert from the 9th to the 11th in Taiwan to spread K-Pop overseas. Last week, we spread K-Pop through a large concert in front of 150,000 people at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

We are also planning on holding a heart fluttering, dream-like concert in October at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Because it’s a concert that we will be having with fans from all over the world, I’m always nervous. My body is tired, but I am happy because I enjoy stages that make my heart flutter.

Within our tight concert schedule, there is a book that I always look for. It is “Writing Hope With Eyes” by basketball player Park Seungil.

The book is about Park Seungil being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease and becoming bedridden after being named “Korea’s youngest basketball coach.” It shows how he looked to hope despite the difficult atmosphere he was in. It is a heartwrenching and touching book that shows Park Seungil’s pride and efforts of living by doing his best. I recommend this book as I feel that it will give some insight to those who live busy lives without any time to relax, as well as touch their hearts. I am sure that his records of fighting this disease in particular will comfort those waiting for hope.

Along with the rest of Girls’ Generation’s members, I read books between recording and concerts. All of us read, and we always carry one or two books in our bags. Because I like reading, I receive many books as gifts from fans, so whether I’m in the plane or in a car, I read often. I even had an overwhelming moment when I met the person I respect the most, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Kimoon. Through books I was able to meet people who give hope and strength, and I think I was able to gain that strength and hope from them.

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On the 6th of September, the Salvatore Ferragamo 2011 Autumn/Winter fashion show was held at the Seoul W Walker Hill Hotel.

First generation girl group Finkl’s member, now turned actress, Sung Yuri, and highly popular Girls’ Generation’s Yuri attended the fashion show, making it a star-studded event. Along with having the same names, they garnered attention for appearing in different fashion styles very unlike their innocent, cute image often portrayed on television. They captured the attention of fans by showing a sexy, glamorous look, as well as a chic, mannish look in black and white. Let’s take a deeper look at their newly attempted fashion styles.

Sung Yuri, sexy with an exposed back fashion

Ever since she has been a Finkl member, Sung Yuri earned much love for her innocent, cute image. Even after time passed and Sung Yuri grew into an actress, she is one celebrity that is known for looking young with her white skin and distinct features. But, it might have been her wanting to let go of that image because she howed off her sexy side with a brave exposed fashion, much unlike what she’s shown on various dramas and other events. Sung Yuri showed off a sexy and glamorous look with her white halter neck sleeveless, which was emphasised with spangles. Her black, straight pants puts more focus on her shirt.

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri turned up in a slightly mannish, black suit.

As a member of Girls’ Generation, Yuri has shown the ‘disappearing pants’ fashion, showing off her long, tight legs as well as her slim waist, along with sequined jump suits. However, at the fashion show, Yuri wore a black, suede-material suit, giving off a masculine feeling. Rather than giving off a showy, cheerful feel, putting more emphasis on feminine beauty, Yuri gave off a more boyish feel with white and black, and her bold belt and jewellery, along with other accessories, added onto her chic appeal.

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