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Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and Jang Geunseok are expected to sign on to play lovers in a new drama. Yoona is in the final stages of being placed as the female lead in the drama “Love Rain” scheduled to air in the first half of next year.

According to one drama staff member, Yoona is considering her group activities and making readjustments in her schedule. Currently all that’s left is signing the contract.

The drama production team says if Yoona signs they will start shooting right away. Another staff member said, “It took a long time to find the right actress in their early twenties with a pure image” and “Yoona proved her acting skills in her dramas ‘You are My Destiny’ and ‘Cinderella Man’ and the production crew have high hopes.”

“Love Rain” is about a man and woman who meet in college in 1970 and their love story. It is a fantasy melodrama and Jang Geunseok and Yoona will play dual roles.

Also, “Love Rain” reunites PD Yoon Seokho and writer Oh Sooyeon of “Autumn Tale” and “Winter Sonata” for the first time in 10 years, garnering lots of interest.

With top stars and a star production team working together, there is much interest and expectations for this to be a new “Hallyu drama”.

After Bae Yongjoon from “Yonsama”, Jang Geunseok is said to be the next generation’s Hallyu star and Yoona and Girls’ Generation are already receiving attention all over the world.

Soshified would like to emphasize that Yoona’s casting has not been finalized at this time, and that updates will be reported when they become available.


It appears that Yoona’s casting has been confirmed by the drama’s PR firm. She will play the dual role of Kim Yoonhee, a college student in the 1970s, and also her daughter Kim Yuri in present time. In regards to the drama role, Yoona said, “It’s an honor and like a dream come true to be able to work with Yoon Seokho PD, as I remember his dramas ‘Autumn Tale’ and ‘Winter Sonata’ as ones that touched my heart. It’ll be my first drama in a while, so I will do my best to meet the expectations everyone has.”

Also, Yoon Seokho, the PD of the drama, praised Yoona by saying, “I’m confident Yoona’s distinct fresh girlishness and ladylike innocent beauty will make the fairytale-like youthful love story shine even brighter.”

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Girls’ Generation members answered fan mail on the Japan Mobile Fansite recently. Check out what the girls had to say below.


Q: Yuri, when you are down and have no energy, what do you do?
A: I wear cute training wear and exercise! I’m contemplating if there is something interesting lately. Music! Composing songs!? I’m trying to find something new. Does anyone know something interesting?!

Q: What is your happiest moment?
A: When I discover something new! When I go on a trip.

Q: Isn’t it hard to dance in heels?
A: It’s tremendously difficult. But I don’t mind. (laughs)

Q: Explain us how to apply make-up in order to look cute with natural make-up like 
A: I apply make-up to make my own charming point stand out. I think the most important is base make-up. Something that matches my skin tone.

Q: During an encore call what do you prefer, ‘encore’ or ‘SNSD’?
A: Both (laughs).


Q: When returning home what is the first thing you do?
A: Even if it’s for 5 minutes I will lay on my bed or on the sofa!!

Q: Jessica who sleeps well, lately do you have enough sleep?
A: Lately…I don’t sleep so much (T_T)

Q: Please explain about the eye make-up you always apply.
A: Because everyone’s eye shape differs, even if you have the same make-up I think it will look different. I pay attention to mascara on the bottom eyelashes.


Q: I think you have eaten a lot of Japanese food, but what is the most delicious food?
A: Everything is delicious, but lately I like yakisoba~

Q: What type of girls are cute?
A: A girl who is charming when she laughs.

Q: What are the words from a fan that makes you happiest?
A: When I heard the word ‘Yappari’ (as expected) I liked it. As expected of SNSD, as expected of Yoona…etc. It gives off a feeling that you are appreciated. (laughs)

Q: On the opposite what do you want to ask the fans?
A: What is your reason for liking SNSD?


Q: You finished the tour and ate food from various places, but what was the most delicious?
A: I remember hitsumabushi and Osaka okonomiyaki. (laughs)

Q: What is your favorite season? Explain why.
A: I like winter. I actually dislike the cold, but what I like about winter are the really cute winter clothes.

Q: When someone of the members cry, what do you say?
A: I say ‘what happened?’.

Q: What is your favorite food among Korean food?
A: I like all Korean food. Bibimbab, kimchi jjigae, miso jjigae, tteokbokki.

Q: With what color would you compare yourself?
A: With…purple (laughs)


Q: Taeyeon’s singing voice is really lovely, but in order to sing at your best do you have something that you are careful about?
A: I stretch ^^ If I warm up my muscles properly then my voice comes out firmly. (laughs)

Q: Did you already want to be a singer from when you were little?
A: When I was a kid I liked music, but my dream wasn’t to become a singer. ^^; I had a lot of dreams when I was little. (laughs)

Q: What do you remember the most from your Japan 1st Tour?
A: The time when Sooyoung fell from the stage! The stage was high so I was worried, but if she really fell off….
The cannon in ‘Born to be a lady’ is really pretty!

Q: Do you have food you like and don’t like? What do you pay attention to when you eat?
A: Lately!! My favorite food is…carbonara (cream spaghetti).
The food I don’t like are..walnuts, curry and spicy food. What I should be careful for when I eat is putting too much sauce!

Q: If you wouldn’t have been in SNSD, what would you be doing?
A: uuhm..announcer?

The young girl who stepped onto the Korean soil at the age of 16, together with her dream to be a singer, has now grown up to be a 23-year-old woman standing in front of the camera. Tiffany, while having the interview, had her eyes shining, as if they were saying, “I’m someone who is prepared for everything all the time” or “I’m happy at this moment”.

It was a bright and sunny Monday after the monsoon season. Wearing shorts with her moist hair flying with shampoo smell, Tiffany walked into the studio in a bright and cheerful mood. After passing her the macarons that someone gave her as birthday present, the awkward and weird atmosphere immediately disappeared. It was her first time having a photo shoot on her own four years after the group’s debut. Strangely enough, she was enjoying the stage prepared exclusively for her and the staffs also became excited with her at the same time.

“It seems so fun. Because the concept is ‘Rock chic’, I was still worried that I don’t suit the style well. Now I think I can do it well!”


Q: I really like Tiffany’s smile! Tell us your secret on how to maintain that cute smile all the time!
A: With positive thoughts….or by eating delicious food!!!

Q: It fits you well that you like pink! What is your favorite pink item?
A: I can’t choose (laughs). Because everything I own is pink ^^;

Q: Every year, when you think about your birthday, is there something you want to do?
A: To blow out candles with the members?
My birthday only differs a couple of days with our debut anniversary…so I have a feeling like the members are never there.

Q: In what language do you think about things, English or Korean?
A: In English. (laughs)

Q: What has remained in your memory the most from the Japan Tour?
A: On the last day, during the last greeting when Sooyoung fell from the stage.

Source: Girls’ Generation Japanese mobile site


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