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Two more actresses have been confirmed to take part in “Love Rain,” the upcoming fantasy-melodrama starring new generation Hallyu star Jang Geun Suk and SNSD’s YoonA. Son Eun Seo and Hwang Borajoin the cast that includes Seo In Kook and Kim Shi Hoo, who were also just recently added.

Son Eun Seo’s character Baek Hye Young will form a love triangle with Jang Geun Suk’s Seo In Ha and YoonA’s Kim Yoon Hee. The character is described as a strong and attractive campus sweetheart. Hwang Bora will play Seo In Kook’s love interest, Na In Sook, an immature chatterbox.

Son Eun Seo’s recent credits are “Spy Myung Wol” and the KBS Chuseok special “Noriko Goes to Seoul”starring Lee Hong Ki. She was also in the defunct variety show “Oh My School.” Hwang Bora, meanwhile, was in “Dangerous Woman” and the 2010 movie “A Petty Romance” with Lee Seon Kyun and Choi Kang Hee.

“Love Rain” is attracting viewers’ anticipation for its production team. Director Yoon Suk Ho and scenarist Oh Soo Yeon were behind the highly successful “Autumn in My Heart” and “Winter Sonata.” The drama is set for an early 2012 broadcast.

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On September 22nd, Hyoyeon, who turns 23 on this very day, received birthday wishes from SONEs. SNSD’s fancafe ‘Cistus’ published an ad on a newspaper to convey their birthday messages for Hyoyeon. A member of Cistus said, “After the SM Town concert in Europe, Hyoyeon has become SNSD’s new symbol. She is like the morning star that glitters at dawn.”

For Hyoyeon’s birthday, ‘Cistus’ made donation to children’s foundation through Naver’s Happy Bean. On August 27th, they have also carried out voluntary activities at Taehwa Senior Citizen Welfare Centre in Incheon. In addition to this, SNSD’s Taiwanese fans were also involved in the project where the donations they made were used to purchase the daily necessities.

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SNSD will be participating in the ‘Beauty Auction’ event on September 27th at Yeongdeungpo Times Square, organized by Woongjin Coway to help less fortunate women.

For this event, lines of products featured in the ‘Coway, Please Take Care of Mom’ advertisement series will be put up for auction. All 9 SNSD members, who are expected to be present at Yeongdeungpo Times Square, will also be introducing their exclusive auction items. The full-fledged auction will be kicking off from September 28th till the end of October through Woongjin Coway’s online auction site (

Among the 29 items that would be auctioned are YoonA’s one-piece dress, Yuri’s shirts, Taeyeon’s jeans, etc. These items will be up for bidding on a weekly basis.

Chief of the marketing division, Kang SungHo said, “Proceeds of the donation would go to the less fortunate women so that they could be independent and move on with a better life, which is in line with the message conveyed by SNSD in the self-sterilizing water purifier advertisement.”

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The members of SNSD recently guested on the pilot episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Big Brothers‘, and brought out some stories that have never been revealed before.
Taeyeon shared a surprising tale about how she got into a big fight with fellow member Tiffany. She revealed, “While on our Japanese tour, there was a time when Tiffany and I fought to the point where we were yelling [at each other].”

She continued, “My feelings were so hurt that I eventually tried to cancel our duet stage that was scheduled for our concert the next day.”

In addition to this story, Seohyun talked about a friend from her trainee days, and teared up while recalling the memories she shared with her.

The full episode will broadcast at 11:15 PM KST on September 21st. Stay tuned to allkpop for more updates on this interesting episode!

Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver

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On September 20th, SBS ‘Strong Heart’ featured singer Sung Shi Kyung who confessed that after discharging from the military, girl idols are like celebrities to him rather than juniors.

The singer shared a funny incident when SNSD members visited his radio show, FM4U. He told, “The girls were guests on my radio show and were arguing intensely with each other … They even played rock-paper-scissors to decide which of my songs should be played.”

He continued, “Their rock-paper-scissor battle didn’t end with one round. I was so thrilled and happy that they were fighting over me!” “I was even at the brink of telling everyone that SNSD was in love with me.”

Sung Shi Kyung cracked everyone up again when he told, “I was even greeted by 2NE1 with a bow, but I merely responded with, ‘Oh… hi,’ because I feared that I would get too excited if I got close.”

Source + Photos: Naver
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