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Check out their Q&A portion with J-14 Magazine below~
The Korean pop group Girls' Generation released their YouTube video "The Boys" -- and it already has over 13 million views! All nine girls also sat down with J-14 to talk music, performing at Madison Square Garden, and stage fright.

J-14: Tell us a little bit about yourselves and your music.
Girls' Generation: There are nine of us and we're going in to our fifth year as a team. We do a wide variety of music -- lots of energetic and upbeat dance music. We have happy, cheery songs, and ballads as well. We also have impeccable choreography -- we practice a lot and we're definitely a team to check out and watch onstage.

J-14: What inspires you musically?
Girls' Generation: We tend to put in our feelings and emotions to everything we get. They just come from our everyday lives. And music-wise, becoming a singer, we've been preparing for this from such a young age, so it's always been somewhere we wanted to be.

J-14: You just performed at Madison Square Garden! What was that like?
Girls' Generation: This is our first time in New York and we started it off performing there! Madison Square Garden is famous for artists like Michael Jackson, so it was very exciting.

J-14: What's your favorite thing about performing?
Girls' Generation: We just finished our nation-wide tour in Japan and a tour like that is something we've always wanted to do. Since we all speak different languages, it was amazing to see all the fans connect despite language barriers.

J-14: Have any of you ever dealt with stage fright?
Girls' Generation: We do tend to get a little bit nervous, but it keeps us in sync and helps us showcase all the things we practice. Being nervous is actually a thrill -- it keeps the show exciting

Source:J-14 Magazine
from Wonderfulgeneration

On the episode of SBS’s ‘Strong Heart’ aired on November 1st, CSJH’s Dana talked about her experience as a vocal trainer.
Jessica, who was also present at the programme, broke her silence saying, “I also received training from her once.”

Besides talking about her experiences while training Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, YoonA, Seohyun and f(x)’s Sulli, Dana also revealed one particular story.

Dana said, “The girls’ singing ability was as outstanding as before but these students were stubborn.” The main character in her story was none other than Girls’ Generation’s maknae, Seohyun. The other participants on the show agreed with the maknae’s unique trait.

Dana continued, “Although Seohyun’s image doesn’t show it, but she was persistent and stubborn. She would reply ‘Ah. I see. I understood’ in a polite manner but after that, she would continue to repeat what she did before. I think her stubborness is what brings out the charm in the unique Girls’ Generation maknae, Seohyun now.”

from fanwonder

Girls’ Generation continues to be popular on MTV News. More footage from their interview while in New York has been uploaded along with new articles by Christina Garibaldi, the correspondent who interviewed them.

In the latest article, the girls talk about five things that new fans should know about them. They talk about their “impeccable choreography” and the fact that they are a multi-lingual group. Also, Tiffany boasts about their teamwork since there are nine girls in one group, saying “Our teamwork is more amazing than our choreography. Beat that!” Sooyoung even shows off her English skills when she says their “choreography is well structured.”

In a previous article, Christina sat down with an MTV Style blogger to talk about what they like about Girls’ Generation. Of course, they rave about how pretty the girls are, but also about their catchy music. Also, in this particular segment, Girls’ Generation sets their sights on the world stage by declaring their desire for a world tour. As Tiffany says, “Be careful, world, we’re on the way!”

Sources: MTV News, MTV News

A photo of SNSD members Seohyun, Jessica, Hyoyeon, and Sunny was recently posted on Mnet’s official Twitter.

In the revealed photo, the four girls who are currently promoting their new song “The Boys” with the rest of SNSD are posing with the classic ‘V’ pose. Seohyun on the left showcased a long and wavy feminine hairstyle while Sunny on the right looked chic and trendy in her new blonde short cut.

But what caught the attention of netizens was Jessica who wore an outfit revealing her rock hard abs.

Her sister Krystal of f(x) recently stirred buzz among netizens for her own abs and fans were envious of the sisters who possess the looks and the body to go with the talent.

Netizens commented on the photo with, “Jessica doesn’t even work out. How can someone so pretty have such abs too?“, “All of SNSD looks so good“, and “Both sisters have it all.”

In related news, SNSD’s title song “The Boys“ achieved an all-kill as soon as the album was released.

Source & Image : Newsen via Nate
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