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In conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Korea Republic-Australia’s diplomatic relation, The ’2011 K-POP Music Festival in Sydney’ was successfully held at AZN Stadium on November 12th. The concert kicked off at 7pm (local time).

In front of more than 20,000 fans who came flocking to the venue, popular Kpop stars such as Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, Kara, SHINee, 2AM, CN Blue, Beast, 4minute, Sistar, Secret, Mblaq and miss A took the stage with their brilliant and amazing performances.

There were also special performances by 4minute and miss A who performed Australia’s world-known popstar, Kylie Minogue’s ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’. CN Blue, Beast’s Yoseob and Mblaq’s G.O then thrilled the Australian Kpop fans with a special joint-performance.

2AM’s Jo Kwon and Changmin, 4minute’s GaYoon and Sistar’s Hyorin captivated the audience with their impressive vocals. The atmosphere was heated up further when Girls’ Generation and SHINee took the stage and rocked the stadium with their special dance performance.

6 hours before the start of the concert, local fans were seen singing and dancing in front of the AZN Stadium. A fan of Girls’ Generation, Susan (17 years old) said, “I became a fan of Girls’ Generation since 2 years ago and to be able to watch them performing live here in Sydney is just like a dream. I think I can never forget what I experienced and saw today”.

During the press conference which was held before the concert, Yuri said, “The fact that the 50th anniversary of Korea Republic-Australia’s diplomatic relation concert is to be held at the same venue which hosted the 2000 Sydney Olympic made this event even more meaningful. We wish that through this concert, there will be even more exchanges between Korea Republic and Australia”.

Meanwhile, the very first concert in Down Under, ’2011 K-POP Music Fest in Sydney’ will be aired through MBC on December 3rd.


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In the November 12th episode of Star King, a wooden doll ‘Kkeo-Beong-i’, a nerdy boy in a famous children comic in Korea, drew a fine portrait of Sunny.
Refusing to admit defeat to a doll, Jessica challenged the doll through a drawing competition.

While Jessica was drawing her “masterpiece”, Sunny looked at her with a cute expression. However, Jessica produced an abstract and weird-looking portrait, which causes the studio to explode in laughter.

In response to that, Jessica said regretfully, “I’m sorry, Sunny-ya. I always scored zero for arts.”

As shown in the photo above, the portrait drawn by Jessica looked like a ridiculous yet funny comic character with big nose and nostrils, thick lips and sharp-pointed hands.

In response to this, netizens commented, “There’s a reason for everything”, “What is this? It’s really funny”, “Jessica and Sunny are both cute”, etc.

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Girls’ Generation earns a triple crown on SBS Inkigayo on November 13.

Due to the absence of SBS Inkigayo last week on November 6, the awarding of the Mutizen Song award was delayed to this week and during the first few minutes of the show, Girls’ Generation was awarded with last week’s Mutizen Song award. Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yoona, and Seohyun appeared for the award presentation and surprised the fans by wearing suits.

A pre-recorded performance of “The Boys” was broadcasted near the end of the show. The nine girls were unable to record their performance live because of the 2011 K-Pop Music Festival in Sydney, Australia on November 12. For this performance, Girls’ Generation performed in suits, emphasizing their strong feel for “The Boys”. During Tiffany’s line, she grabbed her tie and that gave a strong impression to the fans, leaving them entranced with her strong stage presence.

After the performances for the day ended, the show proceeded with the announcement for this week’s Mutizen Song. The winner for this award is none other than Girls’ Generation, securing all three triple crowns for “The Boys”. The five girls accepted the Mutizen trophy and expressed their gratefulness for this award. Unfortunately, today’s Inkigayo was cut short and the encore performance was not shown.

Girls’ Generation has also made another outstanding achievement today. Since Inkigayo switched to awarding Mutizen Song awards in 2003, Girls’ Generation has officially surpassed their previous record held by label-mate TVXQ with 20 awards. Congratulations!

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