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It was announced on November 11th that Girls’ Generation would be releasing their first official Japanese photobook titled “Holiday”.

Also included in the announcement was a small preview about the photobook, “As their treasured ‘Holiday’ arrives, it is packed with the member’s wide smiles. From party fashion to casual style, it is distinctly different from the usual classic style clothes; it’s full of casual fashion with a touch of pop.”

The photobook can be purchased via CDJapan -here-

If that isn’t enough for fans, the first Japanese concert tour will also be available on blu-ray/DVD, which goes on sale December 14th. Included in the email to the fansite was a description of the different versions of the blu-ray and DVD sets which comes in both “Limited Edition” and “Regular” versions.

The Limited Edition set comes with special footage, photobook, as well as a pin badge set. Both the DVD and Blu-ray versions of the Limited Edition set will contain the special footage, while the photobook will differ. It will contain cuts from the limited item “Girls’ Generation’s First Japan Tour Memorial Book”. The pin badge is a set of 10 pins and comes in a cosmetic case; the pins are gold for the blu-ray and silver for the dvd. The limited editions will come in a special caramel box packed with a digipak (fold out case) for the disk case, photobook and the special cosmetic case holding the pin badge set.

Limited Edition
12/14 On sale
8,240 yen (7,848 yen before tax)

Regular Edition
12/14 On sale
5,980 yen (5,695 yen before tax)

Limited Edition
12/14 On sale
6,980 yen (6,648 yen before tax)

Regular Edition
12/14 On sale
4,980 yen (4,743 yen before tax)

Stay tuned to Soshified for additional updates, including purchase links.

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JTBC attracted much attention after announcing that they will be creating a “Girls’ Generation” talk show with all the members of Girls’ Generation as the fixed guests. However, contrary to what was reported earlier, it won’t be a talk show, but a real variety format.

Through a phone call with OSEN, JTBC stated, “Unlike what was reported before, it is not a talk show. It will be a real variety show with Girls’ Generation as the key people. Girls’ Generation will be the center of the show, but there is a possibility of others guests starring as well. The first recording is scheduled to take place on November 20th. Girls’ Generation are anticipating the first filming as well.”

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Girls’ Generation’s Jessica has caught the attention of many for being kind towards fans.

On the 14th of November, Jessica was at the airport in a dark grey shirt with a cardigan and jeans, and her casual outfit showed that she is as human as everyone else. However, what fans have been praising her for is that when fans recognised and surrounded her with cameras, Jessica did not get irritated, but responded by smiling and taking photos with them. In the photos, she held up a peace sign naturally and smiled, making her all the more lovable.

After photos of her kind gesture started circulating on various online communities, Netizens have been praising her by saying, “She’s as kind as she is pretty.” Other comments included, 

“Jessica’s manners are the best!”, “I thought she was an ice princess but she seems so friendly with the fans.” and “She shines even with those clothes. I’m so envious.”

Jessica is definitely ridding her image of “Ice Princess” and replacing it with a warm hearted, “Kind Princess.”

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After its performance on Oct. 23 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, Girls' Generation has continued to receive rave reviews from both critics and press worldwide. Due to its outstanding showing at this American concert, the girl group can now rightfully be named one of the international representatives of K-Pop.
K-Pop Hits Madison Square at SMTown Live

Girls' Generation recently released its title song, "The Boys," from its third regular album, which has earned a spot in the top 5 on Billboard's K-Pop Hot 100 chart ever since its debt. "The Boys", created a lot of buzz even before the single's release, as it was produced by none other than Teddy Riley - the famed producer of the late pop legend, Michael Jackson. The group also released an English version of this hit track for their international listeners (see the music video below). Girls' Generation's music video was recently released on YouTube and has already garnered over 17 million views - proving the girl group's internationally spreading fame. The girls are under contract with Universal Music Group, which also boasts such talents as Lady Gaga, Eminem, and the Black Eyed Peas. This past June, this K-pop girl group released its second album in Japan, which shot to the top of the Billboard Japan weekly chart by selling an impressive 230,000 copies.

On the recent episode of ‘SBS Inkigayo‘, Sulli, one of the show’s MC’s and a member of f(x), made fans laugh with her adorable request.

MC Lee Seung Gi thanked his fans for his comeback by stating, “I will work even harder for the fans who waited patiently for me.”

Then Sulli suddenly stated, “Can you fuss my hair like you did to SNSD‘s YoonA?” in reference to the past episode of ‘Strong Heart‘, in which Lee Seung Gi fussed the young lady’s hair after she revealed that she loved that kind of action.

Taken aback, Lee Seung Gi stated, “Right now?” However he laughed shyly and quickly patted her head. To this, MC IU said, “Now all of the female fans will be jealous. Let’s announce the next artist.”

Source + image via Naver
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Hyoyeon beats Yoona in Capture the Flag and received a gold.

On the November 13th episode of Lets Go, Dream Team, SNSD members appeared as special guests, they played the Survival Capture Flag game.

From the game, Hyoyeon and Yoona beat other members and head to the finals. Commentators Lee Byung Jin and Jeon Hyun Moo talked who will win and said, "Yoona is quite fast, I think she'll make it," "But Hyoyeon is quick in her movements."

As the blow of the whistle, the two raced to reach the flag.

Hyoyeon took the last flag and beat Yoona for winning the gold. Aside from that, she also received a European tour card as a prize.

Source: TVReport


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