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After garnering much attention through the first episode of “Invincible Youth 2″ by eating live nakji/small octopus, Hyoyeon made way for the mud flat herself to catch them.

This week, G8 members and the uncles will be heading to the mud flat to catch small octopuses themselves. This was G8 members’ first time out on a mud flat and catching octopus, but they were amazed by life in the fishing village and fearlessly jumped into it.

Hyoyeon, who was having fun with the simple fact that it was her first time at a mud flat, was absorbed in catching octopus and showed her strong will to catch them all.

After sticking her hand into the mud, Hyoyeon fussed about having caught one. She didn’t lose her grip and pulled hard at the legs, determined to get it from the mud. However, she gripped and pulled on the legs so hard that she only managed to get one leg, causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Also, in order to catch the octopus, she got mud all over her clothes, hair and face.

Hyoyeon gained a taste for live octopus in the first episode last week. She can be seen rinsing nakji she caught in the seawater and eating it on the spot. She also fed it to other G8 members, showing how she completely adjusted to life in a fishing village. Also, to win the bait to catch octopus, a race was held. She didn’t spare her body and fell in the mud, creating much laughter.

Be sure to check out Hyoyeon and the rest of G8 on the next episode of KBS2TV “Invincible Youth 2″ airing on November 19th at 11:05pm KST.

Source: KBS
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The drama “Love Rain”, with actor Jang Geunsuk and Girls’ Generation’s Yoona playing the lead roles, has signed a contract with Japan’s Pony Canyon for resale publication rights.

Whiteley Media revealed on November 17th, “‘Love Rain’ has signed a contract with Japan’s Pony Canyon for resale publication rights. It will receive the best treatment amongst Hallyu dramas advancing overseas.”

Yoon Sukho will be leading the Hallyu wave with “Love Rain”, like he did with “Autumn Tale” and “Winter Sonata”. Jang Geunsuk and Yoona, who have been making their way out into Asia and the world, had also garnered attention in Japan and other countries before their roles were even confirmed for the drama.

As if proving their popularity, the Japanese broadcast company sent a lovecall early on for publication rights, allowing for the contract to be signed. The drama will be aired with the name “Loverain”. It was also informed that “Love Rain” has been gaining a lot of attention from many countries other than Japan.

“Love Rain” will start airing early in 2012.
Source: Asia Today
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M Entertainment show love for Thailand flood TVXQ!, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation participated!

As Thailand is facing one of the most severe flooding crisis in history, SM Entertainment(SM) has offered aid to relief Thailand flood with TVXQ!, Super Junior, Girls Generations.

TVXQ!, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation who have been loved by all the fans in Thailand have showed their love and compassion to help for Thai flood, so they have participated in offering aid and support to Thai people, which consist of water, medicine and grocery. All the donation has been delivered to The Thai Red Cross Society via SM True company in Thailand.

And not only offering aid, TVXQ!, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation together with other SM family such as SHINee and f(x) have joined together to share their compassion and support through the video clips which have been recorded for Thai people who are suffering from the flood. Together for Thailand, all SM artists are sending their best and warmest wishes for all Thai people to stay strong and get through this situation safely and hoping that Thailand will be recovered from this flooding situation very soon.

credit: bangkokbiznews
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T/N TVXQ’s message to Thai people “We hope that the Thai people are safe from this flood crisis and don’t lose your hope”

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