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Actually I posted this before few weeks/months ago
But since this is released by SM , Let's just watch it :)

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The suggestion to get married left Sunny blushing in embarrassment.

On an episode of KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth” that aired on December 17th, the G8 members were given the responsibility of delivering homemade kimchi to the village’s residents.

Sunny was paired with Ji Hyunwoo and the two made their way to an elderly couple’s home. They sat down with the couple after greeting them politely. Sunny said, “Wow, you got married at the age of 23 – that’s my age,” to which the couple playfully responded, “So hurry up and get married then.”

Feeling rather embarrassed at this remark, Sunny shyly hid her face in her hands, but eventually laughed out loudly in order to shake off the awkwardness.

Source: TVReport
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After the premiere of “Girls’ Generation and the Dangerous Boys”, a voicemail from Girls’ Generation to officially registered SONEs emerged and quickly spread. The voicemail originated from the phone number 2007-0805, a number which also happens contain the debut date of Girls’ Generation, August 5th, 2007. In the voicemail, the members sounded happy and cheerful as they thanked their fans for waiting in the cold weather to support them during the recording of the December 18th broadcast of Inkigayo. Earlier in the day, Girls’ Generation even prepared hotpacks and hot drinks to be given to fans attending the recording.

The girls explained that thanks to the fans, the members felt as if they were attending a retreat and that their stress was relieved. They also remarked that the Inkigayo stage was very fun to perform on, and said that they hoped SONEs would take care to avoid catching colds. Also in the call, the members displayed their sense of humor by performing the “bbuing bbuing” aegyo in very low voices.

Listen to the full voicemail recording below.

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Yoona will be joining Shin Dong Yeop and Lee Ji Ae as MCs for this year’s KBS Entertainment Awards. After her MC position in 2009, KBS Entertainment has invited Yoona back for the 2011 Awards show.

Yoona has been a staple of the entertainment world, not only as the face of Girls’ Generation, but with her roles in “Cinderella Man” and “You Are My Destiny” as well. Yoona will be making her return to acting on the upcoming drama “Love Rain” set to air next year.

In addition to “Love Rain”, the girls will be occupied with their full schedules with Tiffany and Yuri as MCs for Music Core, Sunny and Hyoyeon on “Invincible Youth 2″, Sunny dubbing for “Koala Kid”, and all nine mentoring troubled teenagers on “Dangerous Boys”.

KBS Entertainment Awards will air live on December 24, 2011.

Source: Daum
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On December 18th, Girls’ Generation made a comeback on SBS “Inkigayo” with “MR. TAXI”. They delivered an exciting performance, complete with pyrotechnics and their usual in-sync choreography, causing fans attending the show to respond with loud cheers and fanchants.

In contrast to the usual dark outfits worn thus far for their “MR. TAXI” performances, tonight Girls’ Generation instead wore stunning white uniforms with accessories that gave off a slight Christmas flavor. Though the unique outfits for “The Boys” were met with widespread enthusiasm from fans, the outfits chosen for “MR. TAXI” are also proving to be just as popular.

Check out the performance below

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