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Performance List
01. Welcome Christmas
02. All That Christmas
03. Santa Baby
04. Enter The Circus, Sexy
05. The Boys
06. Kissing You
07. Oh!
08. Gee
09. When You Wish Upon A Star (Jessica Solo)
10. O Holy Night (Tae Yeon Solo)
11. Magic Castle
12. Winter Wonderland (Yuri & SeoHyun Solo)
13. Christmas Dream (Teenage Dream) (Tiffany Solo)
14. Sway (SooYoung Solo)
15. One Year Later (Jessica Solo feat. Onew) 
16. Introduce Me A Good Man (YoonA Solo)
17. Last Christmas (Tiffany Solo feat. Sung SiKyung)
18. Silver Bells (feat. Sung SiKyung)
19. All I Want For Christmas Is You

Preview and Information

Mr Taxi :
All I Want For Christmas Is You :
 fr om : Tetsuya []

Recently, Yoona’s snappy reply made people laugh hard.

On MBC’s “SNSD’s Christmas Story,” hosted by Alex and Oh Sang Jin, Yoona gave a fantastic wedding performance with the song “Introduce me to a nice person.”

After the performance, Oh Sang Jin says, “There are lots of stars who say you are their Miss Right, like Lee Seung Gi, Jan Geun Suk, Chun Jung Myung, Yoon Sang Hyun, and more.”

And when she was asked who her Mr. Right is, Yoona replied, “I’m thrilled every time I hear those remarks by so fabulous stars. I appreciate all those people who showed me affection.”

Next, when the host Oh asked her “Who would you choose if there left only the two hosts in the world—me (Oh Snag Jin) and Alex”, Yoona quipped, “How about going out with Alex, and later getting married to Oh?”

Credits : Starnews,

Credits : SBS ||Richel []

The girls of SNSD chose Seohyun as the member who changed the most after their debut.

On December 24th’s broadcast of MBC‘s ‘SNSD Christmas Fairy Tale‘, SNSD had a chat with MCOh Sang Jin and Alex about their growth after their debut days. During the talk, Oh Sang Jin asked SNSD, “Which member changed the most after your debut?” to which Hyoyeon replied, “I think we can all agree on this one.”

All of the girls answered, “Seohyun” at the same time, which surprised the maknae greatly. Sooyoungexplained, “Seohyun’s bangs have grown out a lot. During her development into an adult from her teenage stage, there has been a significant change.”

Hyoyeon also added, “In the past, Seohyun would cry and not cope with our pranks, but now she could care less. She’s gotten cool~.” After listening to her unnie’s thoughts, the maknae revealed, “After living with them for four years, I’ve learned to adjust.”

In addition, Seohyun was also chosen as the member who pays the most attention to her appearance.

Source: Allkpop

Under Interscope Records, SNSD will be reading to knock on the doors of the European market with a special album release of ‘The Boys‘!

On January 17th, 2012, the girls will be releasing a special album in the United States, Canada, France, and England featuring songs from their third album, as well as Korean, English and remix versions of ‘The Boys’.

This will mark the girls’ official debut in the European market following the release of their U.S. debut with ‘The Boys’ maxi-single earlier this month. ‘The Boys’ managed to debut at #122 on the iTunes on December 21st, with the English version of ‘The Boys’ having ranked in at #74 back with their October release.

Considering the fact that they haven’t promoted at all in the country yet, the K-Pop fever is being felt all across the world.

On December 26th, SM Entertainment stated, “SNSD will be promoting actively on stages all across the world, not only Korea and Japan. The members will also be pursuing a more diverse range of individual activities like dramas and musicals.”

Source: Allkpop

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On the latest recording of JTBC‘s ‘SNSD and the Dangerous Boys‘, member Sunny revealed her hidden ping pong skills, shocking everyone in the room including her groupmates.

During the recording, Sunny revealed, “I was a table tennis player when I was in middle school“.

SNSD and the ‘Dangerous Boys’ paired up for a competition, betting over food as the loser would be obligated to pay for lunch. As the competition rolled along, Sunny made everyone’s jaw drop over her unbelievable skill.

Be sure to check out the episode on December 25th at 7:30 p.m. KST!

Source: Allkpop

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