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120107 Girls’ Generation receives psychology counseling on ‘Dangerous Boys’

On a recent recording of jTBC‘s ‘SNSD and the Dangerous Boys‘, the girls surprised producers by requesting to sit with a psychology counselor for themselves.

The episode focused on having their ‘dangerous’ students talk about their problems and receive help through a counselor. The girls watched over the process on video and later met with the counselor themselves to see what they can do as mentors to help.

The members of Girls’ Generation were surprised at how clear his explanations were and how accurately he had diagnosed them, especially since the boys had confessed to some dark and hurtful pasts that truly worried them. As mentors, they were also interested in getting themselves analyzed.

The students’ and Girls’ Generation’s psychological counseling can be seen through the January 8th episode, which airs at 7:30 p.m.
Source + Photos: TV Daily via Naver
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