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120120 Check out Girls’ Generation’s personal KakaoTalk profile pictures

KakaoTalk is one of South Korea’s more popular SNS applications, so it comes as no surprise that even major stars have created accounts.
Recently, the profile pictures for a few Girls’ Generation members were revealed online. Tiffany,TaeyeonJessica, and Yuri each showcased a different charm in their photos, causing fans to comment on how the girls were beautiful in their own ways.
Tiffany drew compliments for her natural beauty; the black-and-white shots gave her an especial classic look. Taeyeon opted to go for ‘cute’, as she revealed a shy grin with her makeup-free face. Jessica exuded the ‘girl-next-door’ charm by posing with her sister Krystal, and Yuri looked glamorous in her gold outfit.
Netizens commented, “They’re all so pretty”, “I don’t know which one to look at first!” and “Need to download this app now.”
Source: Allkpop