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120308 Girls’ Generation’s luxurious hostel with a staggering price tag

Girls’ Generation’s 100 pyeong (about 3,600 sq.ft) hostel is receiving a lot of attention lately.

While lining up the ’2012 girl group ranking’ which was discussed on Mnet’s ‘Wide Entertainment News’ aired on February 27th, the program also introduces the ranking of the girl groups based on the environment of their accommodations. The production staff seemed to have made some studies on Girls’ Generation’s hostel as well.

Through the broadcast, it was revealed that Girls’ Generation’s luxurious hostel has a total area of about 100 pyeong (3,600 sq.ft) and the living room itself takes up nearly 30 pyeong (1080 sq.ft).

According to an individual from the property market estimated that the deposit for the girls’ hostel could be around 100 million Won and the monthly rental alone ranges from 4 to 6 million Won. In terms of trading in the property market, it could cost from around 800 to 900 million Won to even a few billion Won.

According to the broadcast, the reason why the Girls’ Generation members are staying in such a luxurious and expensive hostel is because of its 5-minute distance from SM Entertainment’s building and also the high level of security that maintains their privacy.

taken from fanwonder