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120308 Model Lee HyunI admires the power of Girls’ Generation

On SBS variety program ‘Strong Heart’ aired on March 6th, model Lee HyunI shared her experience on the power of Girls’ Generation when she was having her modeling activities in Italy.

In this episode, commenting on Seohyun’s hope of becoming like UN Secretary General Ban KiMoon, Lee HyunI said, “I think Girls’ Generation are more actively involved in foreign relations than UN Secretary General Ban KiMoon”.

She added, “When I was in Italy, a person came up to me and asked ‘Do you know this song?’, while Girls’ Generation’s ‘Hoot’ was being played. During the 8-hour shooting session, Girls’ Generation songs could be heard around the set. Listening to Girls’ Generation’s songs in Milan, Italy made me feel really proud”.

Taken from : fanwonder