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120713 Tiffany and Jessica Official Selca Picture and Message - [From. TIFFANY] HI~~^^♥ Translated

Hi 소원^^♥
너무 오랜만인가요?? ㅋㅋ
흠.. 오늘은 아주 중요한 날이라.. 부탁 하나만 할께요ㅠ!!~
오늘은 뽜니가 인정하는 REAL DANCING MACHINE (레알댄싱머쉰)
김효랭의 SEMI-FINAL 날입니당!!
그동안 열심히 노력한 효연이 위해..더더더더더더(x922)
든든한 써포트가 되기 위해 오늘 같은 중요한 날 더 뜨겁게 응원할껀데~
우리 모두 투표하고 *같이* 본방 사수해요!ㅋ
PS.있다같이봐요 ㅇ_ㅇ!!ㅋㅋ 

Hi sone.
It's some time since we have met?
Today is an important day.Please do me a favor.
Today is the day to recognize the power of Real Dancing Machine.
It's KimHyoYeon's semi-final.
Meanwhile, Hyoyeon is really working hard Up.Up (x922) 
You have to become a supporter to cheer really hard in this important day like today.
We all must vote*like*Let us wait for the live broadcast!
PS:look like that
+ BONUS w/ jess
효랭이 번호는#1번으로알고있어서...
색다른 포즈로, 임펙트있는포즈로! ㅋ 
효연이 뽜이팅

Hyoyeon will be the 1st to perform
Different pose,pose in impact
Credits : ll SYloveTY ll ImanRyad,Tetsuya []
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