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120714 Taeyeon Official Website Selca Picture and Message with Seohyun - [From. TAEYEON] 태연입니다~ㅋㅋ + Translation

소원 안녕안녕?안녕???
음악을 자주 듣는 소녀 태연입니다 ㅋㅋㅋ
음악중심을 찾아 주시는 여러분의 뜨거운 사랑에 감사드리며!
드뎌 멋진 파파라치 포즈 완성+_+ !!!
즉석에서 소원이에게 추천받은 동작이었습니다- 헤헤헤.
다들 손가락 괜찮아여???
SONE hi hi? Hi???
This is Taeyeon, a girl who listens to music often kekeke
Thank you all for coming to Music Core with your warm love!
Finally, the great Paparazzi pose is complete +_+ !!!
This was the action SONE recommended on the spot- hehehe.
Are all your fingers okay???
날이 많이 습하고, 비도 왔었는데
항상 보러와 주시고 응원해주셔서
너무너무 힘이납니다^^
사랑해 소원 <3
The days are really humid, and it’s been raining
Always coming to see us and cheering us on
I feel really really strong^^
I love you, SONE <3
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Translation by ch0sshi ll Tetsuya []
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