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On March 23rd, it was scorching hot in Malaysia as SONEs flocked to the Petronas Twin Towers for the “Twin Towers @Live 2012″ concert. The heat did not stop the pink-colored crowd from gathering around the concert venue, and some fans had even been waiting patiently since early in the morning for Girls’ Generation’s first appearance in Malaysia. The excitement of the long-awaited chance to see Girls’ Generation live was evident on many SONEs’ faces.

The evening kicked off a little later than scheduled. A local DJ came in first and played a few songs before everyone went off for a short break. After the break, a local dance group performed. They tried their best to dance along to a few k-pop songs and it clearly amused the crowd as they started singing along to the songs. Unfortunately, the group did not perform any songs by Girls’ Generation.

Around 9:00 PM, the audience was wowed by a charismatic, powerful and overwhelming performance from Girls’ Generation. Donned in white, the girls started with a bang by performing the Korean version of “The Boys”. SONEs gave their passionate support by singing and fanchanting along with the song. The “GG” fanchant was the loudest, as it echoed throughout the entire concert venue. Unfortunately, the girls had a few problems with their microphones. Taeyeon’s face showed great displeasure because of the technical difficulties as her voice was not projected properly. The same problem also happened with Seohyun’s microphone. Both Sooyoung and Jessica sang Yuri’s part in “The Boys” since she was absent.

The fan event that was planned for girls after they finished their first song did not go too well, as some of the viewers were holding up their cameras instead of the paper message which said, “Finally, you’re here ♥.” However, the paper message was displayed on the big screen when the girls came out.

Following “The Boys”, the girls sang “Tell Me Your Wish”. Again, the fanchants were loud, and SONEs sang along to the whole song with a lot of enthusiasm. A highlight of the performance was Malaysian SONEs finally getting their wish granted when they heard, “Malaysia, put it back on!” In response, the crowd’s cheer was deafening.

Once the second song ended, Tiffany shouted in a cheery voice, “Wooo~,” and SONEs could tell that the girls were having a great time along with them. After giving her compliments to SONEs, Tiffany continued on by commenting on the great work the fans had done, and Girls’ Generation moved on to their short self-introduction. Seohyun said, “Selamat datang~,” which means “Welcome” in Malay. Taeyeon spoke in Korean for a bit, and Tiffany proceeded to translate it for the audience, explaining how appreciative Taeyeon was for the fans’ energetic support. Tiffany then said, “We will proceed to our next song and please do enjoy the rest of the show.”

Girls’ Generation performed “Hoot” and then took another break. This time, they talked about Yuri’s absence from the show. The girls were grateful for the crowd’s involvement in their performance, which they made clear by thanking SONEs over and over again. Tiffany said, “Next time, we promise we will come back with all nine of us.” Upon hearing this, the whole crowd cheered.
The girls then lined up in preparation for their next song, “Run Devil Run”. The music that blasted through the loudspeakers was accompanied by extremely loud applause from the audience. After that, the girls proceeded on to their fourth song, the Korean version of “MR. TAXI”. The highlight of this song was when Tiffany bowed during her part with Taeyeon, just like in the “MR. TAXI” practice video. During the girls’ last song, the crowd ecstatically screamed the fanchants for “Gee”. The girls’ reluctantly waved goodbye after this by hanging around the stage as long as possible before the MC came onto the stage. Sooyoung even said goodbye and thanked the audience in Malay one syllable at a time, saying, “Te-ri-ma-ka-sih- Ma-lay-si-a!”

Besides Girls’ Generation, the other international performer appearing at the concert was Nicole Scherzinger, the former lead singer for the Pussycat Dolls.

Even though time passed quickly and Yuri was absent because of her own individual schedule, both Girls’ Generation and SONEs surely enjoyed their time together at this concert.

Written by: amipi@soshified
Edited by: LetsGo@soshified, residentbenchwarmer@soshified, letaengbutt@soshified, bhost909@soshified
Photos by: KpopHuntress, samuel_raine@soshified

Idol group members’ every moves are a hot topic. Especially for girl group idols, their every move from what they eat to what they wear becomes a target for people’s attention. Their most eye catching factor are their slim figures. We compared two idols, Girls’ Generation‘s leg representative Sooyoung and2NE1‘s ‘doll legs‘ Park Bom.

Sooyoung is the ‘wanna be star‘ for many ladies today for her slim leg lines. Her legs boast of doll like legs with virtually zero fat. Her tan skin and toned muscles accentuate her healthy looking legs.

Sooyoung showed off her beautiful looks in a recent solo photoshoot. She showed a different side of her than the ones shown on stage. The revealing clothes and her beautiful lines created an alluring charm for the photos.

Meanwhile, 2NE1′s Park Bom is also famous for her ‘mannequin body.’ Her legs are known for their slim lines even when she wears flat shoes. Park Bom recently showed off her slimmer S-line figure and shook the male fans’ hearts. For the ladies, her pictures were enough to motivate them to go on a diet for the upcoming summer.

A recent post on an online community board revealed some pictures from Park Bom’s photo shoot. Park Bom flaunted her doll like figure in a short mini skirt. Netizens especially took note of her toned thighs and calves, as well as her nano ankle that looks as if it can be grabbed with only one hand.

Source: Allkpop

Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon offered big laughs on the March 24th episode of ‘Invincible Youth 2‘.

Continuing from last week’s episode, the members split up into three teams and headed to different farms to find various items that would win them the prize money.

Hyoyeon’s team decided to go over to an endive field. Though they were satisfied with learning the unique cultivation methods, they did not think the endive was enough competition to win the prize and searched for an additional item.

The girls then headed over to a snail farm, and were amazed at the number of snails they saw before their eyes.

But member Hyoyeon seemed to be grossed out by the snails and took a few steps back, not wanting to be near them. She looked as though she would burst into tears any second.

But once hearing that snail extract is good for your skin, she forgot all about being grossed out and quickly slabbed some on the back of her hand, causing everyone to laugh.


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