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Girls’ Generation member Tiffany confessed that she’s been under some stress because of “airport fashion“.

On April 24th, a staff member from SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ shared that on the recent filming of the show, Tiffany revealed, “Before, I used to go to the airport without caring about what I wore. But as airport fashion started becoming a hot topic, I began to care more.”

She continued, “On the days that I dress up from head to toe, there are no reporters. But strangely enough, when I come back from a performance abroad with no makeup on while wearing slippers, I get a lot of pictures taken,” sharing her worries and frustrations about airport fashion.

In addition to Tiffany, the latest recording of ‘Strong Heart’ included guests such as Ivy, Lee Joon, Kim Na Young, and Park Kyung Lim.

Source: Allkpop

Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon will be making an appearance on ‘Dancing with the Stars- Season 2‘.

Hyoyeon will be joining the cast of MBC‘s ‘Dancing with the Stars- Season 2‘, which will air its first episode on April 27th. A representative from MBC revealed, “Hyoyeon has decided to appear on the show, and is busy practicing for it. Fans will be able to see a new side to Hyoyeon through her appearance on the show.”

Hyoyeon, who is known as being one of the best dancers in Girls’ Generation, has even the show’s staff members placing high expectations on her performances. A source close to Hyoyeon stated, “As the expectations for her dancing are very high, she is practicing very hard. Rather than the exact choreography she has executed through her performances with Girls’ Generation, she will show a more carefree dancing style on the show.”

In addition to Hyoyeon, Tony An has also joined the cast of ‘Dancing With the Stars 2′. The first season of the show saw Moon Hee Jun, a fellow H.O.T. member, crowned as the victor, so there is a lot of interest to see if idols like Tony An and Hyoyeon, who have spent numerous years learning the basics of dance, will outperform the other cast members.

The first episode of ‘Dancing With the Stars 2′ was already recorded at Seoul Olympic Park’s Olympic Hall on the 15th, and will air on the 27th; the first live episode will air on May 4th.’

Other cast members of ‘Dancing With the Stars 2′ include actress Choi Yeo Jin, and various famous athletes, in addition to Hyoyeon and Tony An.

Source: Allkpop

A photo collection of Girls’ Generation‘s “daily facial expression changes” has become a hot topic online.

The photo shows Girls’ Generation and a related facial expression for the members, each day of the week. On Monday and Tuesday, the members look tired, but as the week moves on, they start to look a little more cheery. Friday and Saturday, they are smiling brightly. One thing that netizens noticed was that maknae Seohyun stays consistent, smiling throughout the entire week.

The collection definitely reflects the difference between what most people feel when the week starts and when the weekend begins.

Netizens who saw the post commented, “Girls’ Generation’s daily facial expression is hilarious,” “I burst out laughing looking at Sooyoung,” and “I think I am most similar to YoonA’s expressions. I completely agree.”

What do you guys think? Does your expression change depending on what day of the week it is?

Source: Allkpop

Girls’ Generation‘s new unit Taetiseo has been revealing various teaser photos with a different member as the focus each time, and they have just unveiled their latest teaser image.

A representative from SM Entertainment revealed, “Starting with Taeyeon’s teaser today, the unit Taetiseo, who possess very colorful charms, will reveal a teaser featuring each member one by one. As Taetiseo’s new music and performance are still shrouded in mystery, the members’ teasers should amplify fans’ curiosity and expectations.”

Taetiseo’s digital mini album will be revealed through iTunes on April 29th, and will feature a booklet with different photos from that of the physical album. It will also include recordings of the members introducing their favorite tracks.

Source: Allkpop


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