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Girls’ Generation will make cameo appearances as cartoon characters for the webtoon “ENT”. “ENT” is a new upcoming webtoon production by Yoon Inhwan, author of “The New Undercover Royal Inspector”, and is also co-produced by SM Entertainment. The second illustration of the webtoon was released on April 30th, showcasing the nine girls in their “The Boys” promotional outfits. The girls are to have cameos in order to add a sense of realism to the series.

“ENT” is a fictional story about two people. The first person is A (fake name), a normal high school student who is the vocal singer of an SM rookie group called “Born on 4th of July”. The second person is Foxstar, a famous fanfiction writer. This webtoon will be about the fanfiction that Foxstar writes based on insider information that she obtains from A about SM, and the incidents that follow after its publication.

The CEO of “Ylab”, the production company of “ENT”, approached SM Entertainment about this webtoon when production first started. SM Entertainment has since fully cooperated in the production of this webtoon, viewing its purpose in a positive light.

SM Entertainment’s artists will appear with their real names in the webtoon, and it is predicted that the series will garner the attention of both manhwa and K-Pop fans alike.

The webtoon “ENT” will be publicly released in black and white through a website belonging to Club Sunday, one of Japan’s biggest manhwa publishing companies. It will then be opened to the Korean public on July 4th through Naver’s webtoon services.

Source: Herald Media
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Girls’ Generation, alongside several other K-pop artists, were recently mentioned in an LA Times article covering the expansion and growth of the K-pop scene in the United States.

The article began by covering Girls’ Generation’s performance of the “The Boys” on “Late Show with David Letterman”. The author commented that the group pulled off a look that wouldn’t be out of place at a “goth cocktail party”, but praised the performance and song as something “new yet uncannily familiar on the American pop scene”. Tiffany’s reaction upon learning they’d be performing on the show was also humorously recounted.

The writer went on to note that Girls’ Generation is “arguably the biggest name in…Korean pop music culture”, and that the group and K-Pop as a whole have won over fans of various nationalities with ” techno, hip-hop, R&B and top-40 [sounds]” and “singles [that] are often focused vehicles for elaborate music videos and rarely less than bonkers good fun.”

Further, he noted that “Gee” essentially “transformed the country’s role in the Asian pop landscape”, and elaborated on its success with the MV’s 70 million hits on YouTube and how Girls’ Generation became “the first non-Japanese Asian girl group to top Japan’s singles charts.”

Regarding their American expansion, the author noted the gradual increase of performances in the US, including last year’s SMTOWN Live in New York, as an indication of how far the genre has come since the days when it was only accessible by social media networks. Being able to connect with their fanbase abroad is especially important for idols born in the US like Tiffany, who said, “There were so many more opportunities in K-Pop for a young Asian-American singer. It took some adjusting to move there [Korea] in my teen years. But fans respected that this group wasn’t put together overnight, it took a lot of practice to learn our different values and strengths.”

Lastly, the difficulties regarding the lack of an American “hub” were noted, as the US lacks a music show line-up like those present in Korea, and how artists like 2NE1, the Wonder Girls, and Girls’ Generation themselves are finding ways around this. The Madison Square Garden concert was again highlighted as a big step forward, and the piece concluded with a hopeful reflection from Tiffany: “Coming back to America to pursue music is a dream. Not just because it’s America, but because this is just the beginning.”

LA Times
Written by: SNSDave@soshified
Edited by: MoonSoshi9@soshified, michaelroni@soshified

On April 30th, Girls’ Generation and their fellow SM Entertainment artists attended an event showcase for SM Town’s upcoming film, “I AM”, a documentary about SM Entertainment’s artists from their pre-debut days until today. The showcase included a question-and-answer session, revealing the idols’ thoughts and various experiences as part of the company.

In the question-and-answer session, MC Byun Kisoo asked the Girls’ Generation members various questions, ranging from thoughts about their trainee days to friendships and regrets – showcasing the girls’ strong bonds and how far they’ve matured since their pre-debut days.

Jessica was asked if she had any special friends, and she revealed them to be Hyoyeon and Sooyoung, stating that they became trainees at the same time. When asked what the movie meant to her, Sooyoung showed a positive reaction to the movie, saying that “I AM” took her back to her rookie days. She said that she saw clips of herself that she didn’t remember, and that it reminded her of all the hard work she had done to get to where she’s at today. She also added that the movie is not only a gift to the fans, but a gift to the artists themselves, thanking the director of the documentary, Choi Jinsung. Hyoyeon mentioned that she regretted not being able to see her parents much during her trainee days, a situation that she shares with fellow artist Sulli.

Towards the end of the showcase, MC Byun Kisoo, a popular comedian in South Korea, jokingly told Sooyoung to move to the back during the photo-op as she was too tall. After the interview segment, autographed items were handed out to five raffle winners, and the entire event wrapped up with ‘The Boys” playing in the background.

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