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On May 14th, Girls’ Generation members Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Hello”, in which the three showed off their variety skills, revealing a couple of unknown tidbits about each other in the process.

In the episode, Taeyeon’s interest in basic comedy was brought to light when she burst into laughter at MC Shin Dongyup’s comment, “I didn’t fart”, when he introduced the story of Ga Jungdae, a man who is accused of “things” because he can’t smell.

Ga Jundgae, who says he “has trouble living an ordinary life” because he cannot smell the foulest of things, mentioned that he doesn’t shower because he can’t smell himself, but “other people feel uncomfortable” because of his smell. This prompted comments from the MCs about farts throughout the program and brought attention to Taeyeon, who laughed every time the word was mentioned. Tiffany showed Taeyeon’s love for basic comedy by saying, “If you talk about farts, Taeyeon will continue to laugh. She likes dirty topics in particular.” Taeyeon herself added, while laughing, “Out of fart stories, poop farts are the funniest,” causing the entire studio to erupt with laughter.

Continuing with the foul-smelling theme, some of the world’s foulest-smelling food was prepared, causing pandemonium in the studio. Foods such as fermented tofu from China, and surströmming, a type of soured herring from Sweden, were tasted by the MCs, stunning them, but the smell proved too much for Tiffany. She stated, “I’m sensitive when it comes to smells, so I would like to ask for deodorizer,” before leaving the set with a scrunched up face to the top of the slide, saying that she couldn’t take the smell anymore. Ga Jungdae, however, when tasting the food, simply said it was salty, completely unbothered by the smell.

After trying some of the smelly food, Lee Youngja introduced a story titled “Girlfriend Who Gained 30kg From Eating Bread”, which led to questions on the highly-talked about “Girls’ Generation Diet Menu”. After Lee Youngja shook her head, stating that she “just can’t understand that”, Tiffany replied that the girls themselves were just as surprised. The menu, which listed eight cherry tomatoes and six strawberries, was completely dismissed by Tiffany, who said that Girls’ Generation “can’t promote if [we] eat like that.” When asked about their favourite foods, Taeyeon replied that Tiffany is “crazy for unagi”, a freshwater eel, causing Tiffany to laugh shyly.

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Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica opened up about her fellow members.

Super Junior‘s Sungmin, f(x)‘s Luna, and Girls’ Generation’s Jessica were all guests on the May 17th episode of tvN‘s ‘TAXI‘.

Jessica who has up until now been known to be an ‘ice queen’ proved that she can be outgoing and witty as well. She revealed who she thought to be the prettiest member of Girls’ Generation, the member who she thought would marry the earliest, and displayed her honest nature when answering questions that the viewers had sent in.

The singer was asked which member of Girls’ Generation she felt was the prettiest, and she answered that it changes depending on the day. Jessica was then asked who was the prettiest on that particular day, and she responded, “Well… I’m the only one that got my makeup done today” somewhat implying that it was actually herself.

She also selected Sunny as the member who she thinks will get married first amongst the girls.

MC Gong Hyung Jin who is known to be an ‘uncle fan’ of Girls’ Generation could not stop smiling throughout the episode, and created an optimally comfortable atmosphere, making it easy for Jessica who is intimidated by talk shows to easily open up.

Jessica along with Sungmin and Luna also opened up about the sweat and tears they had to shed to become one of the hottest Hallyu idols today.

Source: Allkpop

Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon has been voted as the #1 idol who could potentially be a good vocal coach.

Following the ‘healing idol’ poll that had previously taken place, music portal site Monkey3 conducted yet another online survey asking users, “Which idol do you think will be a good vocal coach?”

The online poll took place between May 10th to 16th. Taeyeon, who is well-known for her talented vocals, topped the list with 43% of the votes. The singer is the lead vocalist for Girls’ Generation and is also currently active in the new unit group, TaeTiSeo.

Under the poll, participants left comments such as, “Not only does Taeyeon have a special tone of voice, her outstanding singing ability and her ability to express her emotions when singing is amazing“, and “She has the basic skills so I think she would be a great teacher.”

Trailing behind Taeyeon were SISTAR‘s Hyorin (13%) at the #2 spot, and 2AM‘s Changmin (12%) coming in at 3rd. Others included Big Bang‘s Taeyang, 2NE1‘s Park Bom, and MBLAQ‘s G.O..

Who would you select as your vocal coach?

Source: Allkpop

A recent post made on an online community board has amused fans as it showed a screen capture of Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica predicting comedian Jung Hyung Don‘s twin children.

The post was uploaded on May 17th with the title, “SNSD’s Jessica predicted Jung Hyung Don’s twins”,and has gained the attention of fans. The screen captures were from the May 2010 broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Happy Birthday‘ when both the singer and the comedian had appeared as guests.

During the show, Jessica had jokingly told Jung Hyung Don, “You should have twins,” but her comment seems to have become reality as the popular comedian has announced that his wife is currently pregnant with twins just recently.

Fans commented, “Congratulations to Jung Hyung Don“, “Does Jessica have powers to foresee the future?“, and “She should be a fortuneteller.”

Source: Allkpop

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