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Intro + Happy Birthday Hyoyeon!
Run Devil Run

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SONES in the tribune 3A are spreading White & Pink balloons to SONEs for the "'GG' words" Project - cleverbyotch

Yoona said "Selamat malam, saya Yoona" (Goodnight, I'm Yoona)- WK-GeargieHY

Sunny intro in Bahasa Indonesia "Selamat malam nama saya Sunny" (Goodnight, my name is Sunny) in a cute way - imyoonique

Seohyun said "Ayo, main bersama!" (Come, let's play together!) - @doushitae

Sooyoung said "Saya kangeen kalian" - SujuFor_ELFindo

SNSD unnirs are cuteeeee! Sooyoung was like 'aku kangen kalian!' And we sang b'day song to hyeoyeon TOGETHER!!! - @nadyapermadi

Yuri was very cute, everyone introduced her and Yuri said that she missed us - vcacivon

One of the girls asked "Sudah makan?" Which means "Have you eaten?" - ninelite

Oh after we finished singing happy bday, the girls were asking hyo to stand at center then hit her head LMAO.. - @del_87

Hyoyeon was crying backstage. - @real_tessa89

Taeyeon - Devil's Cry. seriously her expression made all sone cried - sungjin0101

taeyeon ended it with say "gamsahamnida" NOW IS RUN DEVIL RUN!! THOSE GURLS REALLY REALLY FREAKIN' SEXY TT sone festA waved their handbanner - sungjin0101

During Mr.Taxi, a fanboy screamed "GG Tour Juseyo!" - imyoonacom

Sooyoung complained hungry in the backstage - Sooyoungsters

Leaving the hotel for SMTown, Sooyoung walked out first --> Seohyun--> Jessica --> Tiffany --> the rest together. They looked tired - beyondSNSD

Anw locksmith should be super happy , TaeNy when got back to mainstage , literally together the whole time - vcavivon

Then SooSeo joined TaeNyYoong , they bowed together etc . I'm dead to be honest - vcavivon

Someone threw a Woody plushie on stage. Siwon picked it up and a few minutes later he gave it to Sooyoung - @byeonchi

sone the boys fanchant make all us goosebumb! - sungjin0101

Tiffany shout "U ROCK GUYS!!!!!!!" - @real_tessa89

Hyoyeon's mic fell down - @doushitae

JeTi n Hyosun moments in gee , something wrong with Taengoo earpiece - vcAcivon

When Kissing You was played, there was HyoHyun moment and Hyo made a love sign - cleverbyotch

sang happie bday to Hyo once by sones.... 2nd happie bday lead by soshi - @pltang

SooSeo went to my area and they made a heart sign at first omgggggggggg super lovely to be honest - vcavivon

During Twinkle ending pose, i think Fany's hand bumped onto taeyeon and then she rubbed taeng's arm while smiling like a total dork - @byunchi9

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In celebration of Hyoyeon’s birthday on September 22nd, Girls’ Generation’s fan cafe CISTUS placed an advertisement in a newspaper. The advertisement contained a poem, which read:

Our hearts beat to
Every one of your delicate, slender body’s
Little movements

The stars in the sky dance
To your wonderful, beautiful,
Blinding dance

We congratulate
Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon’s
24th birthday ^0^

Your bright smile
Makes us all shine

In addition to the newspaper advertisement, CISTUS fan cafe visited the Taehwa Welfare Center for senior citizens for volunteer work and donated Happy Beans to a children’s foundation under Hyoyeon’s name. (Editor’s note: Happy Beans are a charity item within Naver. People who make lots of blog/cafe posts, comments, and email replies are given Happy Beans. They are worth a few hundred won, and can be donated to various charities and foundations.)

They also held a heartwarming event delivering daily necessities and money donated by Girls’ Generation fans to people in need.

Fans on Twitter also celebrated Hyoyeon’s birthday as “#24thHyoppyBirthday” and “Kim Hyoyeon” trended in first and seventh place worldwide. 

Be sure to read Soshified’s birthday dedication to Hyoyeon, and don’t forget to leave a message inHyoyeon’s birthday thread.

Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: taengsoshi@soshified

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On the September19th episode of MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘, Jung Hyung Don called Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny.

When Jung Hyung Don called her name in an especially bright tone, Sunny drew laughter by asking, “Is this being filmed again?”

The MC responded, “No, I just wanted to hear your voice. What do you mean it’s being filmed?” When Sunny said she was at her dorm, he asked, “Did you drink yesterday?” She then yelled, “No!”

He also demanded, “You said you’d treat me to liquor when you get paid. Why haven’t you yet?”

She answered, “It wasn’t liquor, it was soju. I’ll buy, so call me when you have time.” When Jung Hyung Don said he was free at that moment, she made everyone laugh by saying, “You’re filming. Why do you always call me? Do you really not know many people? I’m not just your [friend] when it comes to broadcasts. You only call when you’re filming.”

She also promised Jung Hyung Don that Girls’ Generation will appear on ‘Weekly Idol’ after their comeback.

Source: Allkpop


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