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Credits : SONE Japan ll Tetsuya []
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Credits : @travyskim ll Tetsuya []
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◈ 발매일(発売日/Release-Date): 2013년 1월 2일(2013年1月2日/January 2, 2013)
◈ 정가(定価/Price): 20,000원 (온라인 판매가 : 16,300원)
◈ 레이블(レーベル/Label): S.M. Entertainment
◈ 제작사(製作社/Publisher): KMP Holdings

◇ 앨범 커버 이미지(ジャケット/Cover image): 
총 10종(멤버별 9종 & 단체 1종) (総10種(メンバー別 9種 & 全員 1種) / 
Total 10 versions(individual 9 & group 1)
◇ 특전(特典/Bonus): 포스터(ポスター/Poster)

◇ 트랙 리스트(トラックリスト/Tracklist)
01. I Got a Boy
02. Dancing Queen
03. Baby Maybe
04. 말해봐 (Talk Talk)
05. Promise
06. Express 999
07. 유리아이 (Lost in Love)
08. Look at Me
09. XYZ
10. 낭만길 (Romantic ST.)

Credits : leemusic ll ll yurui ll Tetsuya []
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Taeyeon, Jessica, and Yoona are ranked in “The 23rd Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces – 2012″. Every year, TC Candler carefully selects the most beautiful faces from a worldwide selection of stars. Rather than choosing the most famous and the most attractive women based solely on outer appearances, TC Candler’s list looks beyond aesthetics, combining facial features that display grace, class, elegance, poise, joy, promise, and hope into their selection.

“The Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces″ encompasses women from different cultures and backgrounds, and, in this year’s ranking, 25 different countries are represented. This is a well-known and popular annual list that has received over 30 million unique visits from around the world. Last year, Jessica made her first appearance in the selection, ranking 45th overall. This year, Jessica rose in the rankings, jumping to fifth place. Taeyeon and Yoona also make their first appearances on the list, ranking 42nd and 50th, respectively.

Sources: TC Candler, TC
Written by: taengsoshi@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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I Got a Boy, the upcoming single SNSD is set to release on January 1, will be a new type of song in a style different from any the group has tried before. The song will contain many different styles and tempos in one, and it is especially expected to stand out for its addictive melody.

Dsign Music, the composer team that wrote SNSD′s hit Genie, a number of composers from Europe and SM′s Yoo Young Jin have joined in the production of the song, comprising a dream team that has been drawing favorable reactions from music fans around the world.

I Got a Boy has set as its main theme ′girls′ gossip′, and so will contain lyrics that sound as if they′re snippets of a gossiping session between girls and their friends.

On December 26 the group released the drama version teaser for the song. A dance teaser will be released on December 28, along with a preview of the song itself.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

Preview only
Please download the file here, 104MB, Total 25P
Credits :  Scans by phi小肥[snsdchina] ll Tetsuya []
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여러부운~~~크리스마스 잘 보냈어요^ㅡ^?
수영이는 지독한 감기에 걸려,
홋카이도에서도.. 병원신세를...
산타클로소원들의 선물에 극뽀옥~!
행복한 크리스마스가 되었답니다아♥_♥
너무 고마워요♥

오늘 I got a boy 의 드라마티저가 공개되었어요^ㅡ^
1월1일까지 얼마 안 남았다!! ^^ ㅎㅎ 기대 많이 해줘요^3^
날씨가 많이 추워요!! 감!기!조!심! ^^~

Everyone~~~ Did you have a good Christmas ^ㅡ^?
Sooyoung caught a bad cold,
and even in Hokkaido.. Had to be...
in the hospita.... but........!!!!!
I got recovered from Santa ClauSONEs' presents~!
It was a happy Christmas♥_♥
Thank you so much♥

The drama teaser for I got a boy releaesd today ^ㅡ^
It's not long until January 1st!! ^^ Hehe anticipate it a lot ^3^
The weather's really cold!! Be!careful!not!to!catch!a!cold! ^^~

from ll Trans from ch0sshi ll Tetsuya@SONEms.NET


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